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One of my patients texted me how his laser vision correction had changed his life.

All word for word and unedited!

“Here are my thoughts on what used to annoy me and doesn’t any more (seeing you asked…):
  • Getting chilli/garlic in my eyes when I had cooked or eaten with my hands then put contact lenses in.
  • Endlessly having another box of contact lenses arrive when I hadn’t finished the last box, and then cancelling the deliveries, and the suddenly running out and having to reorder.
  • Constantly having to be aware of a breakable object on my face, which might get bent/broken/dirty at any moment.
  • Always having smears on the glasses, even if I’ve only cleaned them seconds earlier.
  • Just didn’t like how I looked in glasses.
  • Hated it when glasses  weren’t straight on my face or slipped down my nose.
  • I have to wear a headset for some of the software I use, and it always annoyed me off to have the arms of my glasses digging into the side of face.
  • Children grabbing at glasses would bend them or make them smeary or dirty.
  • I couldn’t hug without fear of my glasses catching someone’s hair or jacket or getting bent.
  • I couldn’t fall asleep on the sofa watching tv because I couldn’t see the tv without my glasses.
  • I couldn’t rest my head on my hand how I like to when wearing glasses because it would bend the arm.
  • I couldn’t wear contacts for more than a couple of hours at a time so wore glasses all the time except during exercise, and then had to carry glasses with me so I could take out contacts as soon as the run/whatever was done.
  • I love to wear hats and the arms on my glasses are always pushed into the side of my head painfully if I wear them with glasses for more than an hour ish.
  • If I wore sunglasses before, I had to have prescription sunglasses and also my glasses with me, so I had to carry a bag instead of just carrying my sunglasses  on my collar once the sun goes down.
  • If it rained, having to wear a peaked cap to keep the rain off my glasses.
  • My glasses never corrected my vision enough so I was happy with them; my eyesight is much better now than what my glasses corrected it to!!
  • I can now wake up in the morning and just instantly see perfectly, which is amazing and insane and feels impossible but it’s true.
  • Probably the biggest benefit I feel is that when I go to the theatre (which I do 1-2 times a week – going to see a production of Carmen in about half an hour in fact), I can see the expressions of the actors on the stage and I’ve just never thought that was possible before. It’s amazing and I absolutely love it – I can just see so much more than I used to be able to, all the time.

If I think of any more I’ll send them. As I say, I realise I live a very privileged life and these are all v minor complaints but I’m fussy about what’s on my face and all this stuff just annoyed me a bit, or a lot, every time I noticed them. So every time I watched a film or the theatre and I could see the smears, it would irritate me. I’m now much more consistently cheerful!”