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According to a personal finance report in the UK press, more and more British people began to turn to private medical treatments in 2020. This was seen during the lockdown periods that were imposed to restrict the spread of coronavirus. The report was based on the findings of a large private healthcare operator which said that many people were avoiding the overwhelmed NHS and instead preferred to self-fund their treatments, usually in the field of orthopaedics, gynaecology and ophthalmology.

In part, people have been preferring private treatment, it seems, as a way of avoiding publicly funded hospitals under even more strain than the pandemic already placed on them. The other major driver appears to be that more people have discovered that private treatments are more affordable than they had imagined, and this is before even considering that private surgery the waiting times are much less than those for the NHS.

Over the course of the COVID lockdowns in England, many people started to save more of their income than ever before. Of course, this was not a universal tale and some people have lost their usual income revenue as they have not been able to work as normal. For people who were already used to working from home, however, they have frequently found that being in lockdown has meant earning about the same while spending less. With no trips to the theatre, the pub or to the local restaurant to add up at the end of the month, so more people have had money for other things.

Equally, of course, there has been much less commuting. In turn, lots of people have been spending less getting in and out of work by public transport. Travelling in the car has diminished for many people, too, thereby saving money on fuel. And with no foreign holidays yet on the horizon, so one-off expenditure on travel has dropped dramatically in many households.

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Consequently, some people who may never have thought of opting for a private medical treatment before have started to do so. That said, financial savings are not the only cause in the upturn in numbers the report mentions. Anecdotally, it would be fair to say that many of the patients Mr Alex Day now sees in his clinic are people who might never have previously undergone a private medical treatment. Indeed, lots of them only recently considered it at all because of the savings they’d made under lockdown but have then been pleased to discover that they could have benefited from a private treatment all along.

As such, even if you have not saved a huge sum during lockdown and still have other forms of expenditure you need to budget for each month, the cost of laser eye surgery or advanced cataract surgery may be much more affordable than you had first thought. Even for an initial examination and consultation, turning to Mr Alex Day will offer a more straightforward process and a much shorter waiting period. There are, of course, numerous benefits of choosing private ophthalmology, especially when you consider Mr Alex Day is ranked among the very best eye surgeons in the world.