What are the best eye drops for dry eyes?

Dry eye is a common condition and is usually the result of another eye condition called blepharitis. This is  inflammation of the eyelids and blockage of some of the pores that produce oils that lubricate the eyes. Eye surgery does not cause blepharitis and it must be controlled both before and after any eye surgery. Simple daily routine changes that help optimise eyelid hygiene can be very in helping to treat any blepharitis and so help dry eye symptoms. This is as well as using lubricating eye drops, also know as artificial tears.

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There are many different lubricating eye drops available and whilst personal preference is very important as some are longer lasting or thicker than others. All artificial tears are available over-the-counter, meaning a prescription is not needed.

The best ones for normal daytime use include Hyabak, Theloz Duo or Hyloforte (which is a bit thicker and longer lasting). For those on a budget Carbomer gel eye drops cannot be beaten. All artifical tears can be used as often as needed – so a couple of times a day or every hour if your symptoms are severe. A long-lasting eye ointment such Hylo Night (VitAPOS) is best used last thing at night keeps the eye lubricated overnight but can smear the vision a little.

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